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20 years of experience, we want to offer high quality material and provide to your customers the best experience.

About Exchalulu

We are a newly established company with professionals who have over 20 years of experience in the industry. Our logistics warehouse has an extensive range of references, and we specialize in selling printer parts and consumables for well-known brands such as Kyocera, Epson, Canon, Brother, and others. We also sell wholesale parts for domestic appliances, with a focus on specialists such as Fusors, Rollers, Carriage Assemblies, Trays, Central Console Spare Parts, and Ink Cartridges. Our location in the heart of Holland, a key hub for European transportation, enables us to offer our customers a variety of options and be a great purchasing choice for them.

What’s Our Millestone

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Years of Experience

What’s Our Features

We have great prospects for the international market since we are based in Holland. Due to our connections with several transport firms, we are able to deliver goods around Europe in a timely manner.


Based in Holland with strong transport connections, we offer efficient and secure warehousing services across Europe.

Wholesale Expert

New company composed of a team with 20+ years of experience and 2000+ references, we're a trusted wholesale expert in Holland, providing high-quality products and competitive prices to customers throughout Europe.

Printers & Consumables

We specialize in selling printers and consumables to specialists, including Fusors, Rollers, Carriage Assemblies, Trays, Central Console Spare Parts, Toner and Ink Cartridges. Based in Holland, we provide fast and efficient delivery throughout Europe.

Home Appliances

Based in Holland, we're a leading supplier of electrical domestic appliances in Europe, offering top-quality products at competitive prices with fast and reliable delivery across the continent.

Logistic Provider in Holland


Located in the heart of Holland, a key hub for European transportation.

Wholesale Expert

Our position in the sector represent a great purchasing choice for our customers.


Our Holland-based warehousing services are top-notch, with timely and efficient delivery throughout Europe

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